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Welcome to Peter Lloyd's website. Wooden boxes ~ Jewellery Boxes ~ Ring boxes ~ Desk boxes

Peter Lloyd, working from his small workshop in Cumbria UK, searches out unusual and beautiful English hardwoods to create jewellery boxes, ring boxes, work boxes, writing slopes.

Whether it be a desk box made from tiger oak, a jewelry chest, a little jewel of a ring box or stationery box of burr elm, each of these handmade wooden boxes is a celebration of its wood.

The secret smile
The secret smile
Canyon box in oak
8 March '15

Latest News

March has arrived with howling winds and more snow! I've heard it called 'lambing snow' in this part of the world, probably because we always seem to get a last blast of snow just about the time the lambs are due. But spring is not far away. I've already heard the first lapwings and the daffodils are well on their way.

The new box - 'the secret smile' - is finished! It's on the "jewellery boxes" page. I've now started work on a group of six jewellery boxes, some in  very burry oak and a couple in yew.

I'm still not sure about the set of boxes I've been approached to make. Things have gone a bit quiet from that quarter.

There's a brand new 'little box' - the canyon box.

As to ring boxes and desk boxes - there is a good choice available at the moment. Though I do wonder where I'm going to get the next load of lacewood from. I've tried all around the country for it and nobody seems to have any. It's a gorgeous wood and London is full of it (London Plane and lacewood are the same tree). Where does it all go?

As ever, there's more news from a different perspective on the diary page.Well, hopefully there will be soon... Peter