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Welcome to Peter Lloyd's website. Wooden boxes ~ Jewellery Boxes ~ Ring boxes ~ Desk boxes

Peter Lloyd, working from his small workshop in Cumbria UK, searches out unusual and beautiful English hardwoods to create jewellery boxes, ring boxes, work boxes, writing slopes.

Whether it be a desk box made from tiger oak, a jewelry chest, a little jewel of a ring box or stationery box of burr elm, each of these handmade wooden boxes is a celebration of its wood.

pebble box in elm and sycamore
pebble box in elm and sycamore
Jewellery box in tiger oak
5 January '14

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As I write, yet another storm is piling into the side of the house sounding as if it's about to take the roof off. I keep reassuring myself that the house has stood for the last couple of hundred years and will in all likelihood last a bit longer but I must confess I hate wind - it seems to get under my skin and make me twitchy and bad tempered. Still the workshop is warm and cosy and that's where I'm spending most of my time these days. The winter is for box making - the more boxes I make now the more days off to go paragliding I'll be able to take in the summer when the days are long and warm with gentle breezes.

Speaking of boxes and all things wood. What's happening at the moment - well, I've started work on some new desk boxes some of which are quite unusual for me. I've used two woods in the same box! Normally I use only one piece of wood and I very carefully 'fold' the wood so as the grain runs all the way around but all rules have an exception! The reason (that will be obvious once the boxes go up onto the site) is that I wanted to use up the last of some rather dramatic yew. I've also just finished three new jewellery boxes in ripple olive ash. They're positively sensuous! One is already sold and I've put one onto the jewellery box gallery.

Ring boxes are still selling well and I've now replaced the wild service tree ring boxes with a beautifully figured wood - lacewood.

That's about it for now - I'm going to start my diet tomorrow...

As ever, there's more news from a different perspective on the diary page. Peter