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Welcome to Peter Lloyd's website. Wooden boxes ~ Jewellery Boxes ~ Ring boxes ~ Desk boxes

Peter Lloyd, working from his small workshop in Cumbria UK, searches out unusual and beautiful English hardwoods to create jewellery boxes, ring boxes, work boxes, writing slopes.

Whether it be a desk box made from tiger oak, a jewelry chest, a little jewel of a ring box or stationery box of burr elm, each of these handmade wooden boxes is a celebration of its wood.

Jewellery box in ripple sycamore
Jewellery box in ripple sycamore
desk box in sycamore and yew
14 June '14

Latest News


I'm back in the workshop! We've just returned from a very enjoyable three week walk around the Pennines. Our own local mountains. I'm filled with memories of curlews and lapwings with their plaintive cries, wild moorland and beautiful bluebell woods with cuckoos calling. But now it's back to work.

I've started work on nine new jewellery boxes. I don't normally work on that many boxes at once but these are different woods and different sizes and they can't be made quickly  - each piece has to 'rest' for a while once it's cut out. They are 'back hinge' jewellery boxes so a little more restrained than some of my recent boxes. The woods are fantastic - English walnut, tiger oak and ripple ash. I'm also continuing work on the stationery box that I started last month. So nothing is going to hit the jewellery box page soon but when it does it will be worth the wait!

Meanwhile, of course I must make sure I don't run out of the little boxes - they seem to have been very popular recently - and the ring boxes! Life's busy!

The good news is I've got a good selection of desk boxes.

I must get back into the workshop.


As ever, there's more news from a different perspective on the diary page. Peter