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Welcome to Peter Lloyd's website. Wooden boxes ~ Jewellery Boxes ~ Ring boxes ~ Desk boxes

Peter Lloyd, working from his small workshop in Cumbria UK, searches out unusual and beautiful English hardwoods to create jewellery boxes, ring boxes, work boxes, writing slopes.

Whether it be a desk box made from tiger oak, a jewelry chest, a little jewel of a ring box or stationery box of burr elm, each of these handmade wooden boxes is a celebration of its wood.

Beautiful rippled sycamore and yew
Beautiful rippled sycamore and yew
Pete and Chris Lloyd
8 April '24

Latest News

Pete and Chris Lloyd

Welcome to my box making website. 

It's spring 2024 and I've deserted my workshop once again for a life behind bars....Handlebars, obviously.  Chris and I have strapped on our panniers again, taken some trains to the middle of Spain and set off to peddle back to Cumbria. There are still boxes for sale. Drop me an email and you can buy any of the available boxes. But I can't send them until July. I have several jewellery boxes and two or three desk boxes but no ring boxes or little boxes for the moment. 

Enjoy the box galleries.