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Welcome to Peter Lloyd's website. Wooden boxes ~ Jewellery Boxes ~ Ring boxes ~ Desk boxes

Peter Lloyd, working from his small workshop in Cumbria UK, searches out unusual and beautiful English hardwoods to create jewellery boxes, ring boxes, work boxes, writing slopes.

Whether it be a desk box made from tiger oak, a jewelry chest, a little jewel of a ring box or stationery box of burr elm, each of these handmade wooden boxes is a celebration of its wood.

A wooden
A wooden "back" hinge
The Great Wall Of China
26 May '21

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The Great Wall Of China

In January 2017 my wife and I set off on a cycle trip to China. We live close to Hadrian's Wall in Cumbria so our trip had to be  - The Wall to Wall...

Well, we eventually made it to the great wall of China and now we're back, the workshop is open and there are boxes available! There are quite a few jewellery boxes for sale but not many desk boxes or little boxes.

I am back in the workshop - I can't seem to stay out of it - but I'm definatly not making boxes fulltime now.

I first started making boxes professionally in 1990, (I actually made my first box back in 1969! - I wonder if she's still got it...) back then, long before the world wide web, there were only three or four box makers in the country. Now there are many more, partly owing to my book, Making Heirloom Boxes and Andrew Crawford's book, The Book of Boxes. But, there's room for us all!

So, welcome to my world of boxes, browse the box galleries and feel free to give me a call if you would like to know more. Peter