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Gifkins Dovetail Jig

In operation

This really superb jig has been developed and manufactured by Roger Gifkin an Australian boxmaker. Roger came to England in September 2001 to attend the First International Box making Conference held in Carlisle he was one of our guest speakers. While he was here he demonstrated his jig, which sells extremely well in Australia. The jig has had some very good reviews in the Woodworking Press namely: Good Woodworking July 2002 Issue 123, Furniture and Cabinet Making No.64 and Routing No.50 August/September 2002.

Gifkins Dovetail Jig

Unlike many other jigs, the Gifkins Dovetail jig only cuts one type of joint, a through dovetail or traditional dovetail joint, which ensures the jig is as simple as possible to set up and adjust. All packages come complete with router bits, and the jig can be used on any router table, with no special fittings required. It is without doubt the simplest dovetail jig on the market today.


There are currently 6 template profiles available to suit different thicknesses of wood, and there are packages available to suit both the hobby woodworker and the professional woodworker. The jig now has the option of a variable space upgrade, allowing you to adjust the spacing of the joint to fit the wood. This is a world first for a fixed-space template jig!

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